Our Mommy is a Catster Hero!

Chilly & Bella

I bet you didn’t know I love cats, as well as my little sister, Bella (who is smaller than most cats).  My mommy’s business is featured on the Catster Blog!  They tried to interview me, but I didn’t have too much to say, so I let mommy do the talking.  Everything you would want to know about how Helping Hands works is summarized in this very well written article.

Catster Hero – Helping Hands Article


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We are at BlogPaws 2015 in Nashville, TN!

Chilly and the Swag Bag

Chilly and the Swag Bag

I’m looking forward to meeting lots of friends and trying to get them to visit me for a Veterinary Vacation!  With all surgeries less than $1,000 & dentals all inclusive at $225, furry friends can visit me and their parents can tour Richmond without breaking the bank.  www.veterinaryvacation.com or www.affordablepetsurgery.com

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Good Morning Robin Roberts!

Chillly & Robin Roberts 5-13-14

We were in New York City for my wife’s fashion fundraiser for the Humane Society of New York.  We had some time to walk around Times Square, and got to meet Robin Roberts from Good Morning America!  We also were featured on an intro the national weather segment.  The only thing lacking in New York City is grass!

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Meet Punk Rock Chilly!

Punk Rock Chilly 5-10-14


Lexi created a punk rock sculpture of me.  Like my spiky mohawk?

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Meet my brother and sister!

Chilly and Lexi-Zev 4-5-14


These are my siblings, Lexi & Zev.  Lexi is a talented artist who loves to draw me, and create sculptures of me, just ask her!  Zev is a great golfer and gamer, who also happens to be a math wiz.  Best of all, they both love me very much!

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Hey Now! Happy Anniversary to Helping Hands!

Chilly & Bob Weir 2-18-14Today is the 4th Anniversary of Helping Hands and Bob Weir from the Grateful Dead signed a Happy Anniversary Photo of me!  The music and philosophy of the Grateful Dead are some of the bedrock principles of our family’s business.  Be kind to others, and treat others with respect.  Help out where you can.  Try to make the world a better place.  Have fun along the way!


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The Chilly Sandwich

Chilly Sandwich 2-10-14

My daddy and sister are creating the perfect Chilly Sandwich!  There is very little I won’t tolerate!

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Your Four Legged Representative

Chilly at the White House 2-6-14

I am here to represent all the pups who want this to be a kill-free nation for pets in our nations shelters.  Help me out by adopting a shelter pet!

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My sister created a song about me!

Chilly the Poodle Song

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Nothing I love more than a good bed

Ahhhh ... Heaven!

Ahhhh … Heaven!

I love Kimpton Hotels and especially their beds….. Sorry daddy, you are on the couch!

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