About Chilly!

I joined the Helping Hands team in July 2011. I came to Helping Hands through B.A.R.K. as a rescue in need of veterinary care.  I think I am now 5 years old.  My mommy, Lori had an instant attraction for me and we decided that we could not live without each other. My sister, Lexi wanted me to be cotton candy for Halloween and it was so much fun.  The walks I went on with my Daddy, Jake, turned into Chilly love fests with so many people giving me rubs and petting me, it’s been so wonderful!!  I then learned that Mommy was saving lives of many of my furry friends.  It turns out that many of my brethren had parents who could not afford to take care of their surgery problems, so the parents would put my friends to sleep (economic euthanasia).  Mommy helps prevent that by making surgery affordable!  I now try to let people know about Mommy’s business and her mission.  (www.affordablepetsurgery.com)  In the process, I receive so much love…. I just love my life!